4-H Fair Schedule

Fair Opens                                                                                                             5:00 pm
Fair Opening Ceremony                              Fair Event Tent                                 5:00 pm
Puppy Power Seeing Eye Dog Show           4-H Show Tent                                 7:00 pm
Fair Closes                                                                                                            11:00 pm

Judging of 4-H Exhibits                              4-H General Tent                            10:00 am
Small Animal Showmanship                        4-H Show Tent                                12:00 pm
Fair Opens                                                                                                             5:00 pm
Egg Drop Contest                                        4-H Show Tent                                 5:00 pm
D.O.G Dog Show                                         4-H Show Tent                                 6:30 pm
Corn Hole Tournament                            Horse Show Ring                           7:00 pm
Fair Closes                                                                                                           11:00 pm

Open Western Horse Show                         Horse Show Ring                              8:30 am
Poultry Show/Showmanship                       Poultry Tent                                     10:00 am
Fair Opens                                                                                                            11:00 am
4-H Goat Show                                            4-H Show Tent                                11:00 am
Bow Benders Rifle Contest                          Schooling Ring                                  1:00 pm
Rabbit Hopping Contest                              4-H Show Tent                                  4:00 pm
Small Animal Costume Contest                   4-H Show Tent                                  6:00 pm
Rides Open                                                                                                             6:00 pm
Seeing Eye Dog Demonstration                  4-H Show Tent                                   7:00 pm
Fair Closes                                                                                                            11:00 pm

Open English Horse Show                          Horse Show Ring                                8:30 am
Small Animal Show                                     4-H Show Tent                                  10:00 am
Fair Opens                                                                                                              11:00 am
4-H Reptile Show                                       4-H Show Tent                                    1:00 pm
Round Robin Showmanship                        4-H Show Tent                                    2:00 pm
Archery Contest                                          Schooling Ring                                   4:00 pm
Poultry Costume Contest                            4-H Show Tent                                   6:00 pm
Chicken Dance                                            4-H Show Tent                                   6:30 pm
Rooster Crowing Contest                            4-H Show Tent                                   6:45 pm
     *Chicken Dance & Rooster Crowing Contests are open for all 4-H families & fair visitors to participate
Poultry Cage Decorating Contest               4-H Poultry Tent                                7:00 pm         
Small Animal Cage Decorating Contest     Small Animal Tent                              7:00 pm
Fair Closes                                                                                                             11:00 pm

Fair Opens                                                                                                              11:00 am
Archery Fun Shoot                                       Schooling Ring                                 11:00 am
D.O.G. Dog Fun Show                                 4-H Show Tent                                  11:00 am
Horse Fun Day                                              Horse Show Ring                             11:00 am
Auction                                                         4-H Show Tent                                   1:00 pm
4-H Fashion Show                                         4-H Show Tent                                  2:30 pm
4-H Program Awards                                   4-H Show Tent                                   3:00 pm
             *Cloverbud Recognition and Senior 4-H Speechs
Fun Balloon Toss                                         Horse Show Ring                                4:00 pm         
Fair Closes for the season                           Break down all tents                            5:00 pm

Printable 4-H Fair Schedule